The Adventure Begins

IMG_20170425_153327_907When I first decided to write a blog, I agonized over how to open: how do you get people interested? After way too long (I’m talking weeks), I concluded the best thing would be to tell you how I came to be writing this (genius, I know)

I’m currently waiting for a K1 visa to allow me to move from Edinburgh to Seattle. My (now) fiance, was offered an opportunity to take a new job and move back home to America. I eventually agreed (a story which I’m sure will come later) and started researching the K1 visa process. I found little in the amount of personal experiences of how long it had taken, what I could expect and the hardships people had faced.

So, I thought I’d write about my experience in the hope of providing guidance to those who are considering/ are going through the same process, and some comfort to those who have found/are finding it as challenging as I have.

On a selfish note, I’ve heard that writing things down can relieve frustrations, so, really, this is an opportunity to rant.

Some useful information for my introduction to you:

I’m 24 and, as mentioned above, live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve lived in Edinburgh for seven years and in Scotland all my life. I’d never considered moving before I met my fiance; I’m too fond of the haggis, irn bru and banter!

I am a grammar-nut. The idea of writing something which I know will have grammatical errors and will be read by others, is not comforting. But, I aim to type as I think, not as I would formally speak. There may be some Scottish slang or misplaced colons, go with it. And, if you find them, pat yourself on the back for being more thorough than I!

My fiance left Scotland and moved back to the US on 30th January 2017. I’ve lived alone since then for the first time in my life.

I’m due to move home to live with my parents in my small hometown on 14th June. The majority of my wages were going towards rent and bills living alone and so I thought resigning and moving home would be a good way to spend time with friends and family before I move to Seattle. It’s a decision I’m still unsure about as I’m extremely independent.

I’ve never actually been to Seattle. My only reference is the TV show Frasier (in my opinion, one of the best shows of all time). I knew that there are beaches, mountains and rain forests close by, but had no idea it was so close to Canada and Hawaii. It was an exciting day when I actually looked it up on Google Maps.

People keep making jokes about it raining in Seattle; I’ve already practiced the laugh for when someone, inevitably, says it again.

The decision to say ‘yes’ to moving, wasn’t as simple as all the perfect stories you hear about. I didn’t jump up and down with excitement. I didn’t run into my partner’s arms saying I couldn’t wait to go. In fact, I’ve not acted in the best manner at times and there may be moments within these blogs where you think I’m a selfish brat! In saying that, I will be honest about my reactions to everything that’s happened; I believe a true account is the only meaningful one.

And that’s the first blog done! I feel like an established author, waiting for my millions of followers to send me a note about how fantastic my writing is. In reality, if I reach one person, it’ll be a winner for me!




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